Metallurgical Industry rotary kiln
Description: This series of rotary kiln is the large-size advanced international calcining kiln and furnace which is developed by our company and many scientific research institutes such as Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Suzhou Sinoma Research Institute of Non-metallic Mining Industry, etc. Compared with the rotary kiln with the same specification made by the traditional technology, this series of rotary kiln can make the production capacity increase by 30%, make the heat consumption reduce by 40% and make the discharged flue gas temperature <250℃, so it is convenient for collecting dust and meeting the modern environment protection needs about energy saving and consumption reducing. This rotary kiln is widely used for extracting nickel from laterite, calcining the activated limestone, oxidized pellet, magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, etc.
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Structural features
1. Rotary kiln cylinder fully considers cylinder deflection supporting corner to prolong refractory brick life and castable life.
2. Adopt large diameter smaller aspect ratio supporting roller bearings to improve reliability. The bearing is self-aligning bearing.
3. New type open gear wheel cover sealing and good sealing effect.
4. Spring overlying flexible sealing. Double spring sealing adds insulation layer and improves reliability and using lifespan.
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